About Nick

"Success is not final. Failure is not fatal. It is the courage to continue that counts." - Winston Churchill

About Nick

"Success is not final. Failure is not fatal. It is the courage to continue that counts." - Winston Churchill

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A husband to an amazing, sweet, smart, competitive woman who makes me better every day.

A son to a mother who's fought more internal battles than one can imagine.  She continues to teach me strength, and persistence... more than she'll ever know

A son to a father who taught me the importance of respectful competition, looking people in the eye, kisses and hugs, chivalry, respecting your elders, curiousity, and the words, "I love you."

An older brother to one of the most genuine dudes there is in the world.  I've learned the comfort in simplicity, and how to channel your inner artist.

A respected, strategic, direct, and authentic personal performance coach who is personally committed to getting results for his clients... and grow them in ways they may not have expected.

An entrepreneur who's failed many times, dusts himself off, and continues to build businesses that are better than the last.

A lifelong learner and student.

A lover of story, in many forms: novels, biographies of history's great men and women, film, and short stories.

A podcaster, who's interviewed hundreds of high performers, such as Olympic athletes, entrepreneurs, neuroscientists, leading sports psychologists, venture capitalists, and progressive leaders/teachers in the future of education.

An Amazon bestselling author.

The creator of The Adversity Pyramid.

Whiskey (and Whiskey) enthusiast.

Aspiring fiction writer.


Lindsey Lerner"Working with Nick has provided me with the insight and motivation I needed to keep going and achieve the goals for my business.  It's refreshing to know that he isn't just a good motivator, he takes his own advice and puts it into action.  He puts in as much work as I do, and that is amazing." Lindsey Lerner, Entrepreneur & Owner of Level Exchange

Chris Meade

"We asked Nick to join our team at our recent off site. The goal was to help increase communication and strengthen bonds between team members. Nick facilitated conversation and interactivity around adversity and vulnerability that led our team to share personal experiences and challenges. We walked away with greater understanding of our teammates and as a stronger overall team."-Chris Meade, Co-Founder of Sports Recruits LLC

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"We all face adversity.  The real question is whether we can overcome it.  In his practical, informative, and research-based new book, Nick DiNardo shares strategies you can use to become a better leader and better person."-Dorie Clark, Author of "Stand Out" and "Reinventing You"

Peak Performance Coaching and Speaking

Looking for a breakthrough in your sport, business, or event? Hit the contact button to request me for either. Right now I’m doing limited speaking and consulting, but make me an offer I can’t refuse and let’s make some magic happen.

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