SA 060: Andy Ramage on How the Right “Process” Can Help You Consistently Execute on Healthy Habits & Routines

Andy Ramage

Andy Ramage, co-founder of One Year No Beer, talks about his upbringing, his struggles to give up alcohol, and the things he learned along the way in developing consistent habits and routines.

Guest Bio:

Andy Ramage is the Co-Founder of One Year No Beer, a challenge to give up alcohol and focus on healthy alternatives, wrapped around a vibrant online and offline community.

Andy’s journey with alcohol started when his career as a footballer was cut short by an injury at 23. When football was no longer an option, he moved into the world of finance and found himself in the heavy-drinking culture of being a city worker.

In this new world, drinking was encouraged and actively celebrated. This was impacting on his family time and his energy levels were at an all-time low – which, for a former professional athlete, was hard to take.

Andy was tired of an endless cycle of hangovers and regret. And so he decided to stop.

Having tried a month off alcohol before, he set his sights on 90 days booze-free. He was never at the point of any physical dependency, so stopping the physical act of drinking was simple, but the psychological effects were massive. The biggest problem of all was the social pressure.

Over time he worked it out that he had to prepare and plan. Trying to wing it simply did not work. So he sat down with his friend Ruari Fairbairns and came up with One Year No Beer. It’s a 30, 60, 90, or 365-day challenge, with support from the Professional Footballers’ Association to help others that want to stop drinking alcohol and who need some guidance along the way.

One Year No Beer is working to break the social stigma around not drinking, and is championing the available alternatives for those who still want to be sociable, but don’t want to drink.


Some Questions We Ask:

  • When he hears the word successful, who’s the first person that comes to mind, and why?
  • At 18, this time when he was told he’s not good enough… How did he respond to that situation?
  • The One Year No Beer Community: how many people are part of it and what sort of results has he seen?
  • What’s one small win that the audience can take from this conversation?
  • Does he have a couple of books that has most impacted him, that he would recommend to the audience? 
  • If he could have dinner with one person he admires, past or present, who would it be and why?
    • David Beckham

What You’ll Learn In This Episode:

  • How the idea of One Year No Beer came to fruition
  • How Andy quit drinking
  • How he handled situations with friends when he’s pressured to drink
  • Physical transformations he noticed when he stopped drinking
  • His advice to those who have full-time jobs who also have a side business



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