SA 011: Azul Terronez on How to Overcome Adversity for Writers


In this episode of The Sweet Adversity Podcast, I talk to Azul Terronez, an educator and writing coach. We talk about education, the adversity and failure in his life, how these have shaped him as a human being and how these affected him as an entrepreneur.

Guest Bio:

Azul Terronez is a national and international leader in educational entrepreneurship, project-based learning and innovative learning practices. His undergrad and graduate education at UCLA helped prepare him to serve as a coach to schools and organizations worldwide including China, Israel, India, Canada, Spain and Chile. His love of learning led him to write the book, The Art of Apprenticeship, and help people make career transitions and pursue their passions. He has served in education for over 20 years as a principal, assistant program officer, a trainer, adjunct faculty member at HTH Graduate School of Education and the Curator of Media for the Southwest Museum. When he is not writing or teaching he is participating in Slam Storytelling, connecting with like minded entrepreneurs and traveling the world with his partner and two teenage children. He currently lives in San Diego, California where spends his time building a community of individuals dedicated to igniting their passions and making a living doing what they love. (Source:

Some Questions We Ask:

  • What led Azul into becoming an education professional?
  • What is his feedback on High Tech High as the model for the future of learning?
  • What is it about the writing process that causes the most problems with his clients and why?
  • What is the book that’s most influenced you and why?

What You’ll Learn In This Episode:

  • Azul’s interesting educational journey and what he learned about himself in college
  • How High Tech High  allows people to think deeply about the work that you’re asking kids to do

Rather than protecting people from the world, you get them to do the work of the world. They need a lot more help because they don’t know much but they have a lot to offer if you give them a chance.

  • A failure he has experienced and how he was able to grow from it

No matter how long you travel down the wrong path, it’s always the right time to turn around.

  • How his experience as an educator has prepared him to be an entrepreneur
  • The one thing about the writing process that causes the most problems with his clients
  • An actionable tip he gives for writers having difficulties, to help them overcome their fear


Twitter: @AzulTerronez


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