On Battling Resistance

One of my goals for 2015 is to make significant strides in becoming a better writer.  I’m doubting myself.  Am I getting better?  I wonder if I am taking on “Resistance” every day with the effort that it demands.  Resistance is powerful.  Steven Pressfield illustrated it so perfectly.

For those who have not encountered Pressfield’s nonfiction work, you must.  His non-fiction work includes The War of Art, The Authentic Swing, Turning Pro, and Do the Work, to name a few.  Many may know him as the writer behind The Legend of Bagger Vance, which became a film with actors Will Smith and Matt Damon.

Resistance is the voice in our heads that tells us it is ok to jump on Facebook for five minutes rather than work on the task at

hand.  It’s the urge to turn on the television and waste our time watching a reality show, and we’ll promise to get back to work
Battling Resistance
right after it’s done.  Some call it procrastination.  To me, it represents our daily battles with adversity.

We, as human beings, seem to naturally succumb to resistance.  It’s easy to give in.

Resistance is persuasive, elegant, well spoken, and thoughtful.  It shows all the signs of being a trustworthy friend, someone
who we can lean on, and share with our most intimate secrets.  The more we engage with Resistance and get to know her, the more comfortable we become with her presence.  Interactions become habitual, and we don’t understand why people we respect recommend that we be careful.

The truth is that we pay a price for the comfort and support that Resistance provides.  The price is fulfillment.   It’s productivity, and passion, and the pursuit of mastery.  The price is work ethic, and targeted effort.   We pay with our soul, or heart, and our potential.

Do we have the fortitude to stand up to Resistance?  It would be easier if it was hostile towards us, belligerent and abusive.  But Resistance isn’t that kind of friend.  Resistance thinks that it can manipulate us.  Distract us.

Am I prepared to persist as it tries to dissuade me from walking away, in pursuit of work that matters?  A life that matters?

Today, I’ll give it my best shot.  I am in the midst of the battle.  I’ll win today.  Tomorrow is a new day.  Resistance will be strong, and ready to play.  Will I be ready?  What about you?

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