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How to Use Pressure to Make Diamonds

(This post was originally published on Campus) College is an interesting time.  It’s the first time most of us become independent.  We make the decisions.  Mom and Dad aren’t in our ear, telling us what to do.   High school cliques? Gone.  We have a clean slate. But there’s alot more pressure.  With independence, comes…

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Why Your Worst Struggle is Your Greatest Opportunity, and How To Use It

(NOTE:  This article was originally published in NextShark) “What is taken away once, is given back twice.” – Mike Abbott You are probably wondering who Mike Abbott is. Mike Abbott is the father of Jim Abbott, an 11-year Major League Baseball veteran and Olympic gold medalist. Jim also threw a no-hitter for the New York…

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SA 008: Dan McLaughlin from The Dan Plan

In this episode I talk to Dan McLaughlin, Founder of The Dan Plan. Dan has an amazing story. He quit his job as a commercial photographer to pursue his interest in seeing if he could take K. Anders Ericsson’s work of 10,000 rule and getting there through deliberate practice. We’ll get into why he chose…

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SA 007: Dan Adams, Founder of The Higher Purpose Project

In this episode, I interview the Founder of The Higher Purpose Project, Dan Adams. The Higher Purpose Project is a global initiative that brings together individuals of all ages and cultures, committed to elevating their level of impact to the world. From Dan we learn about pursuing your dreams and taking advantage of opportunities and taking the…

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SA 006: Cassidy Lichtman, Member of USA Volleyball

  Cassidy Lichtman of the USA Volleyball team joins us in this episode of The Sweet Adversity Podcast. We talk about her journey, from some of the things that she dealt with early in her life, to her current success in the sport. We see from Cassidy how high performing athletes  respond to adversity, build resilience,…

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