SA 038: Carrie Wilkerson on Transformation, the Beauty of Challenge, and What it Means to Be Happy

Carrie Wilkerson

In this episode, I interview Carrie Wilkerson, the Barefoot Executive. She talks about how she paid off over six figures in debt, lost over 120 pounds, and ran several successful businesses, all from home.

Guest Bio:

A small town girl who was able to think beyond the city limits, Carrie Wilkerson is a best-selling author, an international speaker, an award-winning podcaster, and a sought-after radio guest. Featured on CNN and Fox Business News and named by Forbes as a top small business influencer, she’s also consulted marketing and launch teams of Dr. John Maxwell, Zig Ziglar, Google small business and other influential business leaders on business strategies and current trends. However, Carrie mostly enjoys helping ordinary people lead extraordinary lives.

Carrie speaks from the experience of a former corporate clock puncher, high school teacher, direct sales representative, growth consultant, and business coach. She got her “big start” in high school bagging groceries for tips only on a military base and now she makes her living by giving tips to over 100,000 men and women as The Barefoot Executive ™. She can help you build the business you need so you can live the life you want by connecting the dots between your WHY and your DO.

Carrie has paid off over six figures in debt, lost over 120 pounds, and run several successful businesses from home. She is the proud momma of 4 kids, ages elementary through college!

Always barefoot, even as a kid…and nicknamed a ‘barefoot executive’ when she was a pregnant at-home CEO, Carrie believes you can create a life you love while keeping your priorities intact.


Some Questions We Ask:

What You’ll Learn In This Episode:

  • Carrie’s family background and how it influenced her business decisions 

When you have a calling, or when you feel drawn to do something, you figure out a way to do it.

  • Her entrepreneurial journey: how she built her business starting with referrals

For business owners or business-owner wannabes: Don’t feel like you have to know the end game when you start.

You have to know what your strengths are and where you work best, and not hold yourself back because of deserved levels or numbers or what’s messed you up before.

We need to quit trying to fit into everybody else’s pattern.    

  • What she has to say about goal setting
  • Her number one tip for those wanting to build or achieve things


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