SA 054: Chris Marlow on How Doing Good Is Simple

Chris Marlow,

Chris Marlow, founder of Help One Now, talks about his upbringing, the people that impacted his life, the inflection point that was the catalyst for starting Help One Now, and what it takes to run a great nonprofit business.   Guest Bio: Chris Marlow founded Help One Now after meeting a starving young orphan at…

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SA 053: Author and Memoir Coach Marion Roach Smith on Writing with Intent, and the Beauty of Observation

Marion Roach Smith

In this episode, I interview author and memoir coach Marion Roach Smith. We talk about memoir and what people get wrong with memoir, about writing with intent , and about observation and how writers are in the observation business. Guest Bio: Marion Roach Smith is a four-time, mass-market published writer and frequent public radio commentator.…

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SA 047: Dr. Nassir Ghaemi on the Advantages of Mental Illness

Dr. Nassir Ghaemi

In this episode, I interview Dr. Nassir Ghaemi, an academic psychiatrist. We talk about the benefits of mental illness, about adversity and how we’re able to build resilience, and many other things about mental illness and mental health. Guest Bio: Nassir Ghaemi MD MPH is an academic psychiatrist specializing in mood illnesses, depression and bipolar…

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SA 045: Jordan Axani on Vulnerability, and Why Purpose is a Lie

Jordan Axani

In this episode, I interview Jordan Axani of Impostercast.com where he talks about vulnerability, the downside of fame, and virality; the lessons he learned after his story went global. Jordan Axani’s Bio: Jordan Axani was the focus of the most viral human interest story in the history of the internet. On a dare in 2014, he…

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