SA078: How to Create Tribal Alchemy with Dave Fleming

  Dave Fleming is a highly sought-after keynote speaker who invigorates audiences with his thought-provoking lessons, gleaned from two decades of studying ingenuity and coaching some of the world’s most ingenious tribes. A student and teacher of human ingenuity, Dave’s scholarly and professional experiences led him to develop a framework for collective ingenuity he calls…

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5 minutes with author Nick DiNardo

Nick Dinardo The Sweet Adversity Podcast

Originally published on Quakebooks It is with great pleasure that I welcome author, podcaster and performance coach Nick DiNardo into QUAKE Books HQ. Nick, we have known of each other’s work for quite some time now, but for those who don’t know you so well I devised a brief question and answer session, focused on…

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SA 053: Author and Memoir Coach Marion Roach Smith on Writing with Intent, and the Beauty of Observation

Marion Roach Smith

In this episode, I interview author and memoir coach Marion Roach Smith. We talk about memoir and what people get wrong with memoir, about writing with intent , and about observation and how writers are in the observation business. Guest Bio: Marion Roach Smith is a four-time, mass-market published writer and frequent public radio commentator.…

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SA 024: Anya Kamenetz, NPR’s Digital Education Reporter on Standardized Testing in Schools, Student Debt, and Writing Habits

Anya Kamenetz

In this episode, Anya Kamenetz, NPR’s Digital Education Reporter, shares her perspectives on education through her books, the latest being “The Test,” about the past, present and future of testing in American schools. This is important when we talk of creating stakes for students and creating an entrepreneurial mindset for the new economy. She also…

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