Sweet Adversity (SA) Podcast 000: Intro and What to Expect :)

It’s time.  The first episode of The Sweet Adversity Podcast.  I’m thrilled to bring you a podcast series that focuses on the stories and science of adversity.  The series format will be a blend of interviews with researchers in science and psychology, former Olympians, business owners and entrepreneurs, and artists…just to name a few.

SA000 ArtI love podcasting, because it brings an additional layer of intimacy to readers and listeners.  It provides a depth that writing sometimes lacks when one works to tell a story, or draw a story out of a guest.

Take a listen to this “ground zero” episode.  The goal is to provide a framework around what to expect with the podcast…and boy, do we have some great guests lined up 🙂

Enjoy…and looking forward to embarking on this journey with you.

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