SA 052: Entrepreneur and Bestselling Author Graham Allcott on How to Become a Productivity Ninja

Graham Allcott Productivity Ninja

In this episode, I interview entrepreneur and author Graham Allcott. He talks about his book, How to be a Productivity Ninja, and he shares his insights on productivity issues and work-life balance.

Guest Bio:

Graham Allcott is an entrepreneur, author, speaker and podcaster.

He is the founder of Think Productive, one of the world’s leading providers of personal productivity training and consultancy, with offices in the UK, USA, Canada, Australia and the Netherlands.  

Graham is the author of three books, including the global best-seller “How to be a Productivity Ninja“, and has recently launched a new podcast “Beyond Busy“, which explores the issues of productivity, work/life balance and how people define happiness in their lives, profiling interesting people from Olympic gold medallists to tech entrepreneurs to clowns.

Previous roles include Chief Executive of Student Volunteering England, Head of Volunteering at the University of Birmingham and an advisor to UK Governments red and blue on youth volunteering policy.

Graham lives in Brighton. Despite an intolerance of failure elsewhere in his life, he is an Aston Villa season ticket holder.


Some Questions We Ask:

  • Graham’s views on success and money
    • Ask yourself what the first 2 or 3 memories you have about money. And then ask yourself: What story does that tell you about how you see money?
  • What was it about the term “ninja” that he decided to wrap the book around that concept?
  • If he could have dinner with one person he admires, past or present, who would it be and why?
    • Nelson Mandela

What You’ll Learn In This Episode:

  • 9 concepts of productivity as mentioned in his book
  • Doing daily and weekly checklists
  • Best practices for a weekly check-in
  • 4 steps to productivity (CORD)


Graham Allcott:
Think Productive:


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