iTunes Review

Like the podcast? Rate and review the show on iTunes so that more people will listen, enjoy and learn from The Sweet Adversity Podcast.

Here’s how to do the review on iTunes:

SA review how to


1  Click on this SA iTunes Link to go to the podcast page from the iTunes website.

2 Click View in iTunes then click Launch Application to go to the podcast page from the iTunes app.



3 Sign in to your iTunes account (or create a new Apple ID if you don’t have one yet).

Sweet Adversity iTunes review


4 Click Subscribe.



5 Click on the Ratings and Reviews tab.



6 Click to Rate then click on Write A Review. Write your review and a title for the review. What to write? Tell us what you like about the podcast. It can be a short review of 1 or 2 sentences.



7 Click Submit when finished.


Done! Thanks so much for your support!



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