SA079: Becoming an Impact Entrepreneur with Mike Flynn

SA079 - Mike Flynn

In Mike’s own words:

When I am not busy staring into the eyes of my gorgeous wife (who I’ve known since the age of nine) or playing with my four beautiful children, I am seeking ways to make a significantly positive impact in the lives of others.

Like you, I came out of the womb ready to make an impact. It was only a few years later that I began my journey as an entrepreneur and thought leader.

I’ve spent nearly the last decade working with all kinds of entrepreneurs, and have developed the ability to connect in a meaningful way by asking thought provoking questions aimed to get at the core of what motivates them to do what they do.

It has been said that I have an insatiable appetite to grow and improve and I totally agree! I’m hungry! It is from this desire that The Impact Entrepreneur Show and Blog was borne.

On the show, I take you behind closed doors and invite you into my conversations with these game changers. The conversations I have go beyond success and failure, beyond product service or platform to uncover what is really behind the decisions these entrepreneurs make and what IMPACT they hope to have in the world.

While many of the entrepreneurs I interviews are well known, I will often introduce you to rising stars who are creating tremendous change in the lives of others.

I am stoked to live in Santa Cruz, California where I am simultaneously surrounded by the beauty of God’s creation and crazy traffic on Highway one.

Thanks for joining me on the ride. Now…Brace for Impact!



Some questions we ask: 

When he hears the word successful, who is the person who comes to mind and why?

How do lessons from his childhood manifest in Mike’s life today?

How does Mike suggest people overcome issues with their loved ones?

What are the adverse situations that led Mike to who he is today?

What is the one major takeaway Mike has learned from The Impact Entrepreneur Show?


What you’ll learn in this episode: 

Mike’s father’s military career and the issues that arose from it.

Mike’s mother was the co-founder of his parents’ company.

“Let’s praise for a minute and just say how freaking awesome our spouses and moms are. Their ability to do the things that they do is truly superhuman.”

Mike talks about the evolution of his relationship with his dad.

Mike’s experience at the Vietnam memorial in Washington, DC.

“He makes an effort to bridge that gap, to make healing and unification a priority at all times.”

Asking the right questions about adverse situations.

“Everybody has a story that has shaped them into who they are.”

Mike’s journey through adversity and how he responded.

How the financial crisis impacted Mike and his family.

“I was pursuing other people’s goals.”

Turning failures into opportunities.

“We have the power to frame how we look at those setbacks.”

Mike explains the six bridges to personal growth and well being: faith, family, friends, finances, fitness, fun.

“It’s important for us to identify, develop, and hone the unique abilities that we each have.”

Mike tells us about The Impact Entrepreneur Show and the meaning behind “Brace For Impact.”



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