SA 015: Ryan Hawk on Leadership, and How Competing at QB with Ben Roethlisberger Prepared him for Life after Football


Ryan Hawk of The Learning Leader Show

In this episode, I interview Ryan Hawk, the Podcast Host of The Learning Leader Show. We talk about what he’s learned from high achievers and leaders, what it takes to be a successful leader and what adversity has to do with these leaders as well.

Guest Bio:

Ryan Hawk is the Founder and Podcast Host of The Learning Leader Show, a podcast created out of his desire to speak with and learn from the smartest, most creative leaders in the world.

Ryan is a learner and a leader. Previously he worked as a sales leader and is currently working in a corporate leadership position.

He started his leadership journey when he played quarterback on his 2nd grade football team. That led to being the captain of his high school and college football teams and eventually culminated in his playing a few years as a quarterback in the Arena Football League.

Ryan is the husband of a great wife and the father to five beautiful daughters.


Some Questions We Ask

  • What is it about your family’s background, your background, that has this consistent thread of achievement, or balance?
  • What benefits does he see in being an introvert, in becoming the leader that he can be?
  • On his recent venture as a podcast host, and developing these relationships and developing himself as an interviewer, how has he developed his conversation flow, his structure in conversations?
  • Is there a person he wants to interview that he hasn’t got a chance to call on yet?
  • When he hears the word successful, what comes to mind?
  • If he could have dinner with one person he admires, past or present, who would it be and why?

Steve Jobs

Dave Matthews

  • What’s next for the show?

What You’ll Learn In This Episode

  • The common characteristics of over 70 high performers, from across multiple disciplines, that he has interviewed

We’re always striving to do big things to leave a positive impact on other people’s lives, in a  way that we could be seen as someone that people want to be around, seen as somebody who tries to help others, tries to lead the right way, with integrity and honesty.

  • What the game of football has taught him, that he has applied in his life, family, and his business ventures
  • What he looks for in a mentor
  • His thoughts on his competition with Ben Roethlisberger, his time at Miami and Ohio, when he was really fighting to win the job, and the decision he had to make for himself to continue to grow
  • How to develop a growth mindset

You have to consciously and intentionally find ways to push just a little bit more than you were before if you want to keep getting better.

  • His daily writing habit




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