SA 042: Sadie Lincoln, Founder of Barre3 on Creating a Movement and The Importance of Core Values

Sadie Lincoln Barre3

Sadie Lincoln of Barre3 talks about the business and movement that she’s created, and the core values she’s created for her business and her family that have become instrumental in her success, and how we can apply that to our our own lives and in our work.

Guest Bio:

Sadie Lincoln is a renowned wellness expert, media personality, and founder of barre3.

From her flagship studio in Portland, Oregon, Sadie has created a unique style of whole-health fitness classes combining the disciplines of ballet barre work, Pilates and yoga. Her modern approach offers serious results, accessible programs and inspiration for balanced living. Barre3’s worldwide franchise locations and Online Workouts have attracted A-list celebrities, major publications such as Self, Fitness and In Style and everyday moms – just like Sadie.

Sadie began teaching group exercise 20 years ago while attending UCLA. She was awarded a Graduate Assistantship from the College of William & Mary, where she developed and ran the group fitness program while earning her master’s degree in higher education administration.

Prior to branching out on her own, Sadie spent 10 years at 24 Hour Fitness serving in a variety of roles, including running the group exercise program and developing global sales, marketing and brand communications strategy. Working directly with the founder and CEO, she helped grow the company into the largest chain of health clubs worldwide.

Today, Sadie is thrilled to own her company while raising her two kids alongside her husband and business partner Chris.



Some Questions We Ask:

  • How did Sadie get to the decision of leaving her previous work and then establish Barre3?
  • What is Barre, and what is its history?
  • Are there any books that have most impacted her in her life, and what would she recommend to others?
  • If she could have dinner with one person she admires, past or present, who would it be and why?

What You’ll Learn In This Episode:

  • How her interesting background influenced her choice of work
  • The core values behind her business
  • How Sadie and her husband Chris built Barre3 and why it became popular
  • Her advice to entrepreneurs trying to build their business




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