Joe Desena, Founder of Spartan Race

SA 018: Joe De Sena, Founder of Spartan Race on Building Grit, Developing Perspective, and Obstacle Racing as an Olympic Sport

By Nick DiNardo | February 18, 2016

In this episode of The Sweet Adversity podcast, I interview Joe De Sena, Founder of Spartan Race, the world’s pre-eminent obstacle race, about creating adversity and using it as an opportunity, to grow to become better, and to improve our performance mentally and physically. Guest Bio: Joe De Sena, who grew up in Queens, N.Y.,…

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Bobby Carpenter

SA 017: Bobby Carpenter, Former NFL Linebacker on Routines, Consistency, and Family

By Nick DiNardo | February 3, 2016

In this episode of The Sweet Adversity Podcast, former NFL linebacker Bobby Carpenter shares his perspectives on what it takes to become a high performer and do it on a consistent basis, coming from his background from a high-performing family. Guest Bio: Bobby Carpenter is a former NFL Linebacker most famous for his years as…

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strongman Craig Bongelli

SA 016: Craig Bongelli on the Differences between World Class Athletes… You’ll be Surprised What He Says

By Nick Dinardo | December 23, 2015

In this episode, I interview Craig Bongelli, owner of Lil’s Gym in Toronto, Canada. He’s a personal trainer and strength coach, and he’s worked with elite performers in MMA & Strongman competitions, and he talks about what differentiates world class athletes from the average ones, what got him into the business and what made him…

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SA 015: Ryan Hawk on Leadership, and How Competing at QB with Ben Roethlisberger Prepared him for Life after Football

By Nick Dinardo | December 16, 2015

  In this episode, I interview Ryan Hawk, the Podcast Host of The Learning Leader Show. We talk about what he’s learned from high achievers and leaders, what it takes to be a successful leader and what adversity has to do with these leaders as well. Guest Bio: Ryan Hawk is the Founder and Podcast…

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SA 014: Steve Jamison on Process Over Outcome, and How He Became a Co-author with John Wooden and Bill Walsh

By Nick Dinardo | December 8, 2015

In this episode of the Sweet Adversity Podcast, I talk to Steve Jamison, the foremost authority on the life and leadership of  UCLA coach John Wooden, who’s often cited as the greatest coach of the 20th century. We discuss the similarities and differences between coach Bill Walsh and John Wooden, how he developed the relationship…

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Growth vs. Fixed Mindset

SA 013: Eduardo Briceno on Growth vs. Fixed Mindsets

By Nick DiNardo | December 1, 2015

In this episode, our guest is Eduardo Briceno, the Co-Founder and CEO of Mindset Works. He talks about the definition and what people get wrong when they talk about growth and fixed mindsets, what the future is for the concept and what it sets the foundation for with regards to grit, persistence and resilience. Guest…

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