SA 006: Cassidy Lichtman, Member of USA Volleyball

By Nick DiNardo | July 21, 2015

  Cassidy Lichtman of the USA Volleyball team joins us in this episode of The Sweet Adversity Podcast. We talk about her journey, from some of the things that she dealt with early in her life, to her current success in the sport. We see from Cassidy how high performing athletes  respond to adversity, build resilience,…

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SA 005: Jeff Goins, USA Today Bestselling Author

By Nick DiNardo | July 14, 2015

What does it mean to live a meaningful life and to do work that really matters? In this episode we have USA Today bestselling author Jeff Goins. We talk about his current success, what got him to this point, the struggle and adversity he had to face in starting to exercise his creative muscles, which…

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SA 004: Dorie Clark, Author of Stand Out

By Nick DiNardo | July 2, 2015

Dorie Clark joins me in this new episode of the Sweet Adversity podcast. She’s the CEO of Clark Strategic Communications and author of Reinventing You and Stand Out. She talks about how working hard is not enough anymore and gives advice on how to differentiate yourself. Guest Bio Dorie Clark is a marketing strategy consultant,…

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SA 003: Chris Meade and Matt Wheeler, Co-Founders of Sports Recruits LLC, on the StartUp Life

By Nick DiNardo | May 20, 2015

We dig under the hood of a growing technology business called Sports Recruits LLC founded by Chris Meade and Matt Wheeler in 2008. We discuss their struggles in keeping the business going early on and what got them to profitability. Chris Meade and Matt Wheeler are co-founders of Sports Recruits LLC, which operates,,…

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SA 002: Jim Afremow, Sports Psychologist and Author of The Champion’s Mind

By Nick DiNardo | May 18, 2015

Jim Afremow is a sports psychologist and author of “The Champion’s Mind: How Great Athletes Train, Think, and Thrive.”  We discuss what differentiates high performing athletes from the average, and the key mental skills we must develop to become successful. Dr. Jim Afremow is a much sought-after mental game coach, licensed professional counselor, and the…

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David Burkus

SA 001: David Burkus, Author of The Myths of Creativity

By Nick DiNardo | May 15, 2015

David Burkus, the author of “The Myths of Creativity,”  joins the program to discuss the things most of us get wrong when we think about creativity.  Can it be developed?  What about its application to how we approach the obstacles in our lives? Listen and find out the answers. David Burkus is the author of…

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