Andy Ramage

SA 060: Andy Ramage on How the Right “Process” Can Help You Consistently Execute on Healthy Habits & Routines

By Nick DiNardo | December 29, 2016

Andy Ramage, co-founder of One Year No Beer, talks about his upbringing, his struggles to give up alcohol, and the things he learned along the way in developing consistent habits and routines. Guest Bio: Andy Ramage is the Co-Founder of One Year No Beer, a challenge to give up alcohol and focus on healthy alternatives,…

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Mike Merriam

SA 059: Mike Merriam on How You Are Closer Than You Think

By Nick DiNardo | December 21, 2016

Mike Merriam, author of “Closer Than You Think” shares how his life changed when he was diagnosed with lung cancer. But this turned out to be a misdiagnosis; he did not have cancer. He shares how he felt at that point and how his mindset was changed. Guest Bio: Mike was born in 1977 in…

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Chris Sajnog

SA 058: Chris Sajnog on the Science of Skill Development, Learning How to Shoot Like a Navy Seal

By Nick DiNardo | December 14, 2016

In this episode, I interview Chris Sajnog, bestselling author of ‘How to Shoot Like A Navy SEAL,’  who talks about skill development in shooting, and the 7 techniques for building any skill regardless of talent level or experience. Guest Bio: Chris Sajnog (pronounced Sigh-Nog) is the bestselling author of ‘How to Shoot Like A Navy…

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Jake Herbert

SA 057: Olympic Wrestler Jake Herbert on the Talent Myth and the Pursuit of Failure

By Nick DiNardo | December 8, 2016

Olympic Wrestler Jake Herbert talks about why he considers himself a failure in wrestling, and how that belief is essential for his ability to compete at higher levels of the sport. He also talks about talent and how it can be developed. Guest Bio: Jake Herbert of Ann Arbor, Michigan is an American amateur wrestler.…

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Anthony Trucks

SA 056: Former NFL Linebacker Anthony Trucks on How To Trust Your Hustle

By Nick DiNardo | December 1, 2016

Anthony Trucks talks about his life journey starting from when he entered the foster care system at age 3 with his siblings. He shares how he passes on his life lessons to his kids, and gives a breakdown of his Trust Your Hustle program. Guest Bio: Anthony Trucks is a former NFL player, father of…

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Steve Roy

SA 055: Steve Roy On How Becoming Physically Fit Drives Resilience

By Nick DiNardo | November 23, 2016

Fitness coach Steve Roy talks about how he started Fit Dad Nation, the importance of optimal nutrition and physical training, how we prepare our bodies to build resilience, and the importance of physical health in aiding with depression and anxiety. Guest Bio: Steve Roy is a fitness coach, certified personal trainer, and business owner for…

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