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SA 007: Dan Adams, Founder of The Higher Purpose Project

In this episode, I interview the Founder of The Higher Purpose Project, Dan Adams. The Higher Purpose Project is a global initiative that brings together individuals of all ages and cultures, committed to elevating their level of impact to the world. From Dan we learn about pursuing your dreams and taking advantage of opportunities and taking the…

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SA 004: Dorie Clark, Author of Stand Out

Dorie Clark joins me in this new episode of the Sweet Adversity podcast. She’s the CEO of Clark Strategic Communications and author of Reinventing You and Stand Out. She talks about how working hard is not enough anymore and gives advice on how to differentiate yourself. Guest Bio Dorie Clark is a marketing strategy consultant,…

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SA 003: Chris Meade and Matt Wheeler, Co-Founders of Sports Recruits LLC, on the StartUp Life

We dig under the hood of a growing technology business called Sports Recruits LLC founded by Chris Meade and Matt Wheeler in 2008. We discuss their struggles in keeping the business going early on and what got them to profitability. Chris Meade and Matt Wheeler are co-founders of Sports Recruits LLC, which operates,,…

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