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SA 023: Aaron Walker, Founder of on Significance

Aaron Walker

In this episode, I talk to Aaron Walker, Founder of, about fatherhood, about some adversity that happened in his life that changed his perspective, from really focusing on what he thought success was, financially, and what success is now for him which is really about significance. Guest Bio: Aaron Walker is, without question, a…

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SA 019: Alexander Osterwalder, Founder of and the Business Model Canvas

Alexander Osterwalder, Founder of

In this episode, I interview Alexander Osterwalder, Founder of and Co-Creator of Business Model Generation. He talks about about process over outcome, and how he approaches complex problems and makes them simple. Guest Bio: Alexander Osterwalder is an entrepreneur, speaker and business model innovator. Together with Professor Yves Pigneur he invented the Business Model…

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SA 011: Azul Terronez on How to Overcome Adversity for Writers

In this episode of The Sweet Adversity Podcast, I talk to Azul Terronez, an educator and writing coach. We talk about education, the adversity and failure in his life, how these have shaped him as a human being and how these affected him as an entrepreneur. Guest Bio: Azul Terronez is a national and international…

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Why Harry Potter is Nothing Without Voldemort

(originally published in Dumb Little Man) Harry Potter is one of the great characters created in the history of fiction writing. We all know about the commercial success J.K. Rowling duly experienced from the Harry Potter series (over 450 million copies sold, and over $6 billion at the box office). Sometimes the commercial success overshadows…

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SA 005: Jeff Goins, USA Today Bestselling Author

What does it mean to live a meaningful life and to do work that really matters? In this episode we have USA Today bestselling author Jeff Goins. We talk about his current success, what got him to this point, the struggle and adversity he had to face in starting to exercise his creative muscles, which…

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