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SA 067: Tuan Nguyen on Work/Life Integration and Leadership for Ambitious Dads

Guest Bio: Tuan Nguyen is a serial entrepreneur.  He’s run several multi-million dollar internet companies and business advisory practices.  Tuan has delivered over 300 speaking engagements, including 3 TEDx talks (within 20 months). Tuan’s success is equaled only by the adversity moments he endured.  Tuan survived fleeing Vietnam after flatlining on the trip: TWICE.  He…

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SA 022: Lindsey Wilson, Former Pro Basketball Player and Co-Founder of Positive Performance Training

Lindsey Wilson positive performance training

In this episode, Lindsey Wilson of Positive Performance Training talks about her experience as an athlete, about achievement and anxiety, the key problems she sees with athletes and coaches that she works with, and the exercises and techniques she uses to overcome those problems. Guest Bio: As the Co-Founder and Product/Program guru for Positive Performance,…

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