SA 067: Tuan Nguyen on Work/Life Integration and Leadership for Ambitious Dads

Tuan Nguyen SA

Guest Bio:

Tuan Nguyen is a serial entrepreneur.  He’s run several multi-million dollar internet companies and business advisory practices.  Tuan has delivered over 300 speaking engagements, including 3 TEDx talks (within 20 months).

Tuan’s success is equaled only by the adversity moments he endured.  Tuan survived fleeing Vietnam after flatlining on the trip: TWICE.  He spent most of his formative years on social aid, wearing clothes from Salvation Army, and being bullied.

After success in his business, his marriage crumbled, leading to massive debt and a bout with severe depression.  Despite these moments, listen in to hear how Tuan has responded…and the story of how his son taught him the most important lesson of his life.

What You’ll Learn In This Episode:

  • Tuan’s immigrant story
  • Lessons he learned as a social entrepreneur 
  • How to develop, and take advantage, of “perspective”
  • How to become a successful entrepreneur, and also be a present, caring parent



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